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FB Accounts | Registered in 2021. Business Manager activated, acceptable for ads. Verified by email (email not included). Male or female. Partially filled profiles. Useragent, сookies included. Registered from USA IP.

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Facebook accounts description.

  • Registered automatically., in 2021 (the exact date of registration can be found in the account settings - the "Action Log"), from USA IP.
  • Business Manager is activated, acceptable for ads.
  • Verified by email (email is not included).
  • The full name of the accounts can be anything, i.e. differ from country of registration.
  • Male or female.
  • Two types of profiles are possible. 1. Not filled at all profile. 2. Partially filled profile (notes, photos and other information).
  • Useragent, сookies are included.


  • Upload your photos to the account before you start using it. It can help you in case of the account restoration if the self-identification is required.

Format of accounts.

  • facebook login:facebook password:ID:Cookies OR
  • facebook login:facebook password:ID:UsetAgent:Cookies. OR
  • facebook login:facebook password:date of birthday:ID:ID BM:UsetAgent:Cookies.

If you purchase accounts the first time, we advice you the followings:

- Buy not more than 10 accounts and check them;
- Recommendations for using accounts: recommendations;
- Services you can work with accounts: selection;
- Use proxy to work with accounts: proxy;