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Telegram Accounts | The channel has 1000+ followers (95% bots). Registered by RU phone numbers. For portable version.

In stock 5 pcs.

Price for each
from 8.18 $



  • The Telegram accounts are registered automatically.
  • The Channel has 1000+ followers (95% bots). 
  • Registered by RU phone numbers.

Important: Portbale Telegram version (PC version) is required for the accounts work.

User guide for portable-version:

1. Download the Portable version of Telegram:
2. Unpack the Telegram App folder, unpack the tdata folder to the folder of the Telegram.exe file and run Telegram.exe. To relink
3. Select "Settings" -> "Edit Profile" -> In the line "Phone Number \" in the right pull-down menu. Enter a new number (yours), confirm by SMS. After this the channel is assigned to a new number.

Format of accounts.
You'll receive a link to download the file with the data to enter after the payment.

Recommendations for purchase.
- First buy a small number of accounts (up to 10) and check them
- Recommendations for using accounts: recommendations
- With which services you can work with accounts: selection