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The Accsmarket store specializes in the sale of social network accounts and any other services around the world. Some of the accounts are registered by us, the other part we accept from suppliers for implementation.

In order to have access to work, we have developed a Partner's interface, which displays up-to-date information on downloaded accounts, sales and payments. The real-time provider can monitor how its accounts are sold and payments are made for the purse case.

The Partner's interface looks like this:

At the moment this is one of the few semi-automatic systems for the implementation of their accounts on the Internet.
You don’t need to communicate constantly with shops, customers, scammers, debriefing, accepting payments, advertising.
You only need to do one - periodically uploads accounts in the partner's area!

How does the store earn on your accounts?
You set your price, we add our percentage when placing in the store.

When can you refuse a store in the placement of accounts?
The store has the right to refuse to place accounts if the administration finds that their quality is low or they will not be required by the store.

A refund policy
The store has the right to refuse to pay your money in only 2 cases:
1). If the accounts were sold in several hands for your fault. 
2). accounts are invalid initially

To get started with us, you need to perform these actions:
1) Understand what exactly you want to supply us. Below is a table of those accounts that we need. 
2) Register and fill out an application for adding accounts.
3) Expect approval of the application. Usually we confirm or reject the application within a few hours in the daytime (in Moscow time), or the next day, if you wrote at night. If the application is rejected, you will see the reason for the refusal. If approved, you can immediately download the accounts to the store.