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Shop rules that you agree with when buying our products:

Part 1 - basic rules.

-Claims on the quality of accounts are accepted::
       -within 72 hours from the date of purchase of accounts that are registered automatically (softreg);
       -within 48 hours from the date of purchase of Aged+ accounts of Facebook accounts;
       -within 24 hours from the date of purchase of any other types of accounts;
-Do not use your original IP to work with accounts. You do not have any guarantee that your "neighbor" or you previously did not already lower the subnet level of your IP address because of using it for spam or other prohibited activities.
-Start using accounts right away, because many sites close accounts for inactivity / arrange scheduled cleanings. Do not buy accounts for future use - after 24 hours of purchase, even if you did not use accounts - we will not be able to refund your money.
-When authorizing 2 or more accounts, use different devices and proxies.
You can use accounts without a proxy server only from one device (different browsers are not different devices), but in this case we have the right to refuse to replace accounts/refund. Using more than two accounts from the same ip-address / device significantly increases the probability of getting your accounts blocked. Learn more about how to properly use accounts: recommendations for work.
-Read the website and all the information provided on the site. Be sure to read the account descriptions before purchasing. A detailed description is opened by clicking on the selected account type.

Part 2 - addition to the rules.
-Do not use the Sobot program for Vkontakte accounts. Because of this program, accounts may be blocked. Using this program in the return of funds / replacement of accounts will be denied.
-Don’t use ipv6 proxies servers for social accounts VKontakte
-The orders are stored in the store for no more than 1 month. We will not be able to restore your orders if you delete them.
-Do not buy accounts for months ahead. Warranty for purchased accounts is 24 hours.
-Do not buy many accounts at once. First, test a small amount (up to 10, and preferably single). That way you can find out if the accounts meet your demands.
-Originally valid accounts are not replaceable. If you are logged in and done something with it, and then got the account banned, then the problem is most likely on your side.
-Purchased goods are not refundable. Refers to those cases when you choose the wrong product, in which case we will not provide a refund.

Part 3 - important information.
-If there are questions after reading all the information - contact us
-The product is subject to replacement only in case of its invalidity - the account is locked, the account is deleted, the incorrect data for an account entry. If an invalid account can’t be replaced, then we make refund. After the purchase of the goods, all responsibility goes to the buyer. In these cases, we can only help with answers and advice about the problem that has arisen and why it happened.
-We do not train and consult. We do not work with accounts, so we can’t give consultations in full.
-The response of technical support can take up to 24 hours (though usually much faster).
-We guarantee the sale of goods in one hand.
-If there are problems with the purchase, after the purchase of goods or other difficulties associated with this, then contact the contacts.