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We often get questions that are related to the work with Facebook advertising cabinets and spam in Facebook accounts. Well, some of the question are:

- What Facebook accounts are suitable for the advertising?
- What Facebbok accounts are suitable for working in the ads manager and business one?
- What Facebook accounts we would recommend for the traffic arbitrage and mass advertising?
- What Facebook accounts have minimum chances to be banned and request for a passport?

Our usual answer to the questions like those is we don't know what accounts might be suitable because we do not work with Facebook. But we can help you a little to choose such accounts. Especially for this, we consulted with several people who directly work with the Facebook advertising accounts or use the Facebook ones for spam by groups, messages, for inviting, etc.

Important: you should read the store rules and the accounts guidelines before you choose what accounts are suitable for your purposes. This is very important for any social network and Facebook in particular.

Optimal conditions:
- The accounts registration date is 2015 or earlier. The older the account, the better it is. We have the accounts sorted by the year of registration;
- The accounts registration IP and the country from which you are going to work. We have the accounts sorted by country.

Example: if you are going to use German proxies and pay for advertising by a German card or PayPal look for German accounts.

Important: the following countries accounts have a lower level of Facebook trust: Russia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.

Ideal conditions:
- to link the email of the country from whish you are going to work. We have the accounts that allow to link your email.
- the accounts that have completed profile. We do not have the  accounts sorted by profiles.
- the accounts that have posts added much time ago. We do not have the accounts sorted by the posts.
- the accounts with friends. We do not have the accounts sorted by the quantity of friends.
- the accounts confirmed by the maximum ways (by email, by phone, two-factor authentication, etc.).
- the accounts have an increased trust if white goods have already been advertised by them.
- the accounts have an increased trust if any purchases were paid by them. For example, the Facebook account was used to buy something on Amazon, Ebay, etc.
- you should use your permanent IP (proxy) and your permanent useragent for one Facebook account in addition to the basic rules and guidelines of the store. Do not log in to one account using different data.

Types of standard Facebook bans:
1) Linking the phone.
Solution: link your phone (recommended) or a temporary phone using any SMS activation services (not recommended). One phone - One account.

2) Sending a selfie.
Solutions: if the account has an avatar and photos you can send one of them for the verification.

As a rule, 90% of sent selfies are successfully verified within two days and you get access to your account again.

3) Confirmation of the account by passport.
Solutions: we do not have a solution to this problem yet.