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How to place the order in the store?

Do the followings to place the order:

1. Read the rules of the store.

2. Choose required product on the page of store:

3. Click chosen item and go to new page to check its description:

4. Click the "to buy" button. Enter your email, to which you have access. Enter required quantity of the items. Choose the payment method. Confirm the box "I agree with the Terms of Accounts Purchase". Check entered information and click "go to payment" button.:

5. Both the payment and delivery of the purchase is completely automatic and that's all what you need to purchase te accounts if you choose any payment method, except of Webmoney. You'll receive a link to download the order on the store page and the email too:



6. If you choose Webmoney as the payment method, you need to do the followings: copy the wallet number for transfer and a note (for example: order [54654]) to your Webmoney payment window and make the payment. Pay attention, please, that the order payment tab mustn't be closed:


7. Click the "Check payment" button after the payment is successful. As the result, you receive the link to download your order on the store page and the email too.